Above: Shalom Mennonite Church, which congregates at EMHS, celebrating its Ride to Church Sunday.

  • WHEN: Sunday September 1, 2019
  • WHERE: Your Church, here in the Shenandoah Valley.
  • WHAT: Ride your Bike to Church! or walk if that is what you prefer. Some churches have done a blessing of safety for those who use their bikes for commuting and others have recognized those who participate during sharing time. Others have used this Sunday as a way to bring creation care and caring for our bodily temple to the forefront of the worship experience.
  • WHO: It is impractical for everyone to ride to church due to age and physical limitations. Some don’t own a bike or live too far away. This is not an event that everyone must participate in, it is about riding together in joy, not being motivated out of guilt.
  • HOW: Remember that “Bike to Church Sunday” is not a race! This is an event which promotes family unity; do it as a family and/or invite a friend(s). Use it as an opportunity to teach your kids the rules of the road. Show them how it can be relaxing and allows you to slow down and appreciate the world around us, or for some it can be a chance to spend time alone and reflect on the week. Some have decided to use it as a chance to walk to the closest church in their neighborhood and build community ties on that particular Sunday.
  • WHY: Why should my church participate in Bike Shen: Ride to Church Sunday? There are four types of relationships which we all must nurture to be integral children of God – the relationship we have with God, self, others, and all of His physical creation (the Earth). As followers of Christ, we frequently address our relationships with others and with God. But, in worship, we rarely address our relationship with our physical body or the relationship we have with the Earth. Bike Shen Ride to Church Sunday, seeks to create an awareness of these relationships in the churches of Harrisonburg. We are proposing that this one Sunday be dedicated to biking to church, thus bringing these oft neglected subjects of creation care and self-care to the forefront.

If you or your kids enjoy this Sunday ride, remember that you can also participate in the Annual Bike Shen-Cycle for Service ride on September 14th, 2019. Besides a metric century, 30 mile and 15 mile ride, it includes a five mile family ride. Not long ago, one of our oldest riders, a woman in her 80s, raised more than $1,000 for the ministries Bike Shen supports by asking her friends, family and church to sponsor her ride!