Your participation in Bike Shenandoah contributes to mission and service efforts both globally and in our local community. The generous support of our business sponsors and people who pledge to support riders are also essential to the success of the ride.

We encourage you to increase the value of your ride by inviting others to sponsor your miles. We know there are many persons who cannot ride who would love to join you in supporting these worthy endeavors!

how sponsorship works

  1. Invite persons you know to sponsor your ride in Bike Shenandoah. Show them the brochure and refer them to our website to learn about the agencies your ride benefits.
  2. Suggest that they sponsor you at a level of $1-2 per mile (or any amount desired).
  3. Download rider’s form for recording sponsors (doc) (pdf)
  4. Collect your sponsors’ names, contact information, and pledge amounts on the sponsor form. Submit your sponsor form to us the day of the ride. Keep a copy for yourself.

payment instructions

  • Collect your sponsors’ payments and submit them with your form the day of the ride. Or, payments may be sent to us directly, before or after the ride.
  • Checks should be made payable to Bike Shenandoah. Sponsors may also indicate who they would like to sponsor using this form and pay via PayPal. The name of the rider being sponsored should be indicated.
  • Sponsors will receive a tax-deductible receipt. (Cash payments should include the sponsor’s name and mailing address if they want a receipt.)
  • If necessary, please take the initiative to remind your sponsors to send the amounts they have pledged. We will not bill them individually following the ride.


The two individuals who raise the most funds and recruit the most sponsors will receive a $40 gift card to Mole Hill or Wyse Cycles and a $10 card for Shirley’s Popcorn.

Other incentives include:

  • Raise $100, get a free Bike Shen T-shirt.
  • Raise $250, have your registration fee waived.
  • Raise $300 in sponsorships will receive their choice of an OCP Christmas CD (four to choose from) or a newly released MennoMedia book (several to choose from).
  • Raise $400 and receive two incentives (two CDs, two books, or a CD and a book).”